Solstice Swim at Mona Vale

Two weeks from yesterday.

Time to dust off the goggles and head back to the pool to get a bit of conditioning up for the 1200 metres mid winter jaunt up at Mona Vale.

After an Autumn of pure aquatic laziness and lounging around, time to get back into a couple of laps to see if surfmuppet is game to leap into Bongin Bongin Bay, swim around the headland, and back into the beach at Mona, for a hot cup of soup.

Stranger things have happened.

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1 Response to Solstice Swim at Mona Vale

  1. If I can do 2km in Loch Lomond with virtually no training over winter and spring, you can do a short solistice swim at Mona Vale, even if it is for that great soup. Enjoy the warmth.

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