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Frances Thornton Memorial Galway Bay Swim

Saturday 27th July Butterflies not so much dancing but leaping around inside as the brother slaps on a potent mixture of sunblock and Vasoline onto surfmuppet. Looks like a combination of Lazarus coming out of his coffin and a dugong … Continue reading

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21 Degree Water Galway Bay!

Unheard of. First dip in the Bay, Thursday evening the 18th, thought it was some trick of the imagination brought on by sleep deprivation and jet lag. Water several degrees warmer than Bondi last Saturday. Checked it out with the … Continue reading

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Touchdown Ireland

17 July BA0838 flies over the coast south of the city, slowly banks right over the Dublin mountains and over the farmland and outer suburbs. Always get a thrill at the first glimpse of the green fields meeting the granite … Continue reading

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First Stop KL

Booked the tickets to Ireland a couple of months ago and promptly forgot what day we were leaving. Assumed it was Wednesday night and so had planned three final sessions with Vlad and the squad this week. A not so … Continue reading

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Fin Ahoy!

The Fin Surfmuppet has just caught up with Fearless Fi about 75 metres north of Icebergs on the southern end of the Bondi Arc. Five laps completed, it’s about 0820 and the squad have been swimming since circa 7am. Fi … Continue reading

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