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Post Swim Pie at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

740pm, the Garmin reads 5.2Km but not sure if that much lap crawling was done this evening. Might be a glitch or it might not. Just kept swimming until it got dark and the pool guys were diplomatically rattling their … Continue reading

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All In

50s Friday Four sessions done last week, the opening chapter of the return to the pool. This session is the third this week, so the early morning swimming routine is slowly, ever so slowly, starting to become habitual. Which is … Continue reading

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Sister and Brotherhood of the White Tile

Day 1 – Monday Time to make another come back thinks surfmuppet, after a Sunday night eating a litre tub of ice cream followed by a family block of hazelnut chocolate while binge watching some crap TV series – just … Continue reading

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Summer of the Butterfly

I was in the presence of a massive higher power yesterday, Doctor Pacific. Drove an hour to get to Clovelly for a rendevous with a friend. Despite approaching low tide the water was clear and not so cold, except when we … Continue reading

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Solstice Swim at Mona Vale

Two weeks from yesterday. Time to dust off the goggles and head back to the pool to get a bit of conditioning up for the 1200 metres mid winter jaunt up at Mona Vale. After an Autumn of pure aquatic … Continue reading

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The Big Swim 2015

Anticipation and Actuality Stiff and sore on this Australia Day morning, trying to put some words together to describe a great swim yesterday. Competing with a chainsaw snarling in the bush fifty metres away, as a couple of neighbours practice … Continue reading

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Cry havoc and bring it on!

Was wondering what to title this blog. In for a penny, in for a pound? Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb? There’s no fool like an old fool? Took the bait yesterday when Gordy the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Nourishing Ami:
My friend, the Surf Muppet is intrigued with making his own, healthy juices, so I have been giving a few different recipes a try for a bit of variety. My absolute favourite will always be…

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Flower of Scotland

Historic night with surfmuppet’s Celtic cousins in Scotland deciding on their own independent state or to remain forever the lackeys of their English overlords. Things in the surfmuppet world have been in a whirl since returning to the fatal shore … Continue reading

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Winter’s Last Offensive Peut Etre

This summer city has no business doing winter, who’s launched her last offensive this week. Howling winds and driving rain embalms the city as the she-devil banshee witch screams her fury and shrieks her indignation at the thought of being … Continue reading

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