Latissimus Dorsi

Just over two months ago since making the switch over to Vlad and his gang at Vladswim.  With 13km of Galway Bay waiting in July, time to go to the long distance specialists. And slowly, SM discovers the Latissimus Dorsi muscle group.

Relax the neck! Swim long! Stretch out!Open the chest and the armpit!Scoop the water! Relax! Keep Smiling!

Yes, coaches Vlad, Charm, Ewen and Martin have been most vocal in helping SM discover the joys of the Lats.

Finally seemed to “get it” last week, especially with some break through words from Ewen, about not “muscling the water” and the importance of keeping the feet close together. Something shifted. Not sure what yet, but time will tell.

Lots of pool work, not so much out in the open water since the last Bondi excursion. Another one planned for this Saturday when the target is to crack the 10km barrier. Not long to go now to Galway so here’s looking at you baby!

Cold water training consisting of a couple of cold showers a day – nasty stuff, but the trick is to  run around the shower cubicle fast enough to dodge in and out of the icy spray. Screaming and yelling also seems to help. Wife working on finding a decent divorce lawyer, not that any property settlement would yield much. A deceased SM would be worth much more to her probably.

“Time for your cold shower, darling!”, her dulcet tones sound around the house.

SM became a grandfather today with the arrival of Hadassah Rose at 325am this morning in Westmead Hospital.We meet for the first time when she is six hours old. Already thinking she might have the makings of a good swimmer – enrol her next week  in the squad, get those tiny Lats working early on, never know, might swim for the green and gold one day. Seemed to like the tiny pair of googles SM presented her with.

Click as the lifecycle moves on another notch.

Yikes! Fund raising for the swim.

If anyone reads this, maybe consider a donation to Cancer Care West for muppet’s slog across Galway Bay (link below).

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