Happy Birthday, John

Swimming pool in the morning sun.
A line of four men swimming up the second lane from the left.
Going in unison at a fast pace.

First two and the last man are nut brown from the sun.
Third guy is a pale, northwest european hue.
Leader is wearing a white cap – John and today is his 69th birthday.

Last man is Cyril.
He’s 70.
Rivals both for the super master veteran swimming category.

Man two and three are 54 and 52 respectively.
That’s a total of 245 years.
Going up and down the pool.

The four men jump into a time machine and go back 245 years to the year 1768.
They enlist as crew with Captain James Cook and leave Plymouth on 25th of August of that year on board the Endeavour on Cook’s first voyage down under to the South Pacific.

Strange, but true…ish

Birthday Boy...Photo by Sonny E

Birthday Boy…Photo by Sonny E

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