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Fin Ahoy!

The Fin Surfmuppet has just caught up with Fearless Fi about 75 metres north of Icebergs on the southern end of the Bondi Arc. Five laps completed, it’s about 0820 and the squad have been swimming since circa 7am. Fi … Continue reading

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Ode to Jaws

Saturday 1st June, first day of winter, return of the Impaler horde to Bondi for a 7am start led by the Blackdog whose on a mission to do 30 laps. Surfmuppet, in the hallowed company of the “Inglorious Lasties” (named … Continue reading

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Bondi Round 2

Saturday 4th May Down here in the south, Autumn advances steadily to where Winter is waiting around the corner with her horde of glacial goons. On the trip down from the northern end of Sydney, through the leafy suburbs of … Continue reading

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Twelve Laps of Bondi

North Bondi Saturday 27th April It’s 0715 by the time the rebel alliance of Impalers hits the water just to the north of North Bondi SLC. The praetorian guard of the squad are all down in Melbourne at the Cold … Continue reading

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