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Touchdown Ireland

17 July BA0838 flies over the coast south of the city, slowly banks right over the Dublin mountains and over the farmland and outer suburbs. Always get a thrill at the first glimpse of the green fields meeting the granite … Continue reading

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Bondi to Bronte

Driving down the hill into Bondi, white horses on ominous blue grey ocean. No flat, benign waterway in the mode of Coogee last weekend. Shite, thinks surfmuppet, replay of last year’s B2B coming up when the weather trolls launch a … Continue reading

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Wedding Cake Island Swim, Coogee

Arrive way early and park way up in the hills of the Coogee hinterland, beside St Bridget’s Catholic Church. Fr Terry Bowland, the parish priest, gives a great sermon on JC versus Obersturmbannführer Pilate, John 18:33-38. Surfmuppet, to those who … Continue reading

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