21 Degree Water Galway Bay!

Unheard of.

First dip in the Bay, Thursday evening the 18th, thought it was some trick of the imagination brought on by sleep deprivation and jet lag. Water several degrees warmer than Bondi last Saturday.
Checked it out with the young lifeguard on duty at Blackrock and she tells me it was measured at 21.7 degrees that day.

The wetsuit debate war being waged in Surfmuppet’s head (will I, won’t I) looks like it has been sorted.

Have a couple of easy laps up and down the marker buoys from Blackrock down the promenade. Ease out the cobwebs.

Blackrock itself is like a seal colony with half the youth of Ireland clinging to the three levels of diving platfoms, leaping into the Mediterranean-like (can’t believe I’m writing that) waters of Galway Bay with shrieks of high gaiety.

Air temperatures in the high 20s/ low 30s.

Costa Del Galway!

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