yum, yum, just the thing for a muppet who hasn’t had a decent swim in yonks and who’s put on 4kg over the festive season.

Nourishing Ami

My friend, the Surf Muppet is intrigued with making his own, healthy juices, so I have been giving a few different recipes a try for a bit of variety.


My absolute favourite will always be Watermelon and mint. So simple and refreshing. Add some Coconut Water if you want to dilute it a little, and it adds in some natural electrolytes.

If you’re looking for something a little more filling, add in veggies like spinach and a frozen banana is always perfect to make a smoothie!
TIP: If you are using leafy ingredients like kale or mint, either freeze them overnight and blend separately with water on the lowest setting (it creates a vortex and pulls the greens into the middle to break them up), or put them through the juicer with watery ingredients like apple, cucumber or watermelon to get the most out of their health benefits & flavours.

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